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About Suntek Energy

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With a director and team dedicated to renewable energy solutions for several years, Suntek Energy has become one of Brisbane’s most experienced and best solar companies. Our unwavering commitment to our clients and streamlined process from the in-house energy experts are the driving force behind our growth. Our team is fully dedicated to providing you with the very best renewable energy solutions to suit your energy needs for today and the future.

Our team is fully equipped to provide you with the best solar solutions time and time again through our dedication to innovation, passion for projects, creativity, invaluable knowledge of the industry, experience, and technology.

What Our Director Says?

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About the director

Welcome to Suntek Energy. I’m Dhara Modi, the founder and director of the company. Pursuing and eventually providing renewable energy solutions has been a life-long passion.

My goal has always been to provide a better lifestyle for people and the planet. Since 2005, I have delivered an award-winning service and smart home solutions, combined with clean energy solutions, to your front door while working in the energy and solar industry.

Energy prices have been increasing over the past few years in Australia, impacting the end user’s overall expenses. Suntek has empowered Australian families and businesses to save thousands of dollars in power bills through our cutting edge solar power solutions, providing them with high returns on investment. We visit your property, inspect and evaluate your power consumption through detailed questions and analysis, and then draw up a tailor-made sustainable energy solution for you.

We contribute to this transformative global development with top minds in renewable energy and PV, allowing us to work at the intersection of business technology.

We are currently in an exciting situation: we now have a choice in how we live and work with energy. Suntek Energy is determined to create a sustainable planet, despite it being a great societal challenge. For us, this is not just business. Instead, it’s a way of life, a commitment to today, and a promise to the future.

Our Mission and Vision

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What We Do

At Suntek Energy, we offer solar solutions for residential and commercial spaces, install battery storage, hybrid solar systems, off-grid solar systems, and solar panels servicing.

Why We Do It

Simple lifestyle changes, such as choosing sustainable energy, can significantly reduce our contribution to climate change. We also want families and businesses to save thousands of dollars in power bills through our solar power solutions.

Our Core Values

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We are committed to recognising great achievers by acknowledging and showing appreciation in everything we do.


We promise to uphold all obligations and strive for open communication with you by active listening and being open to new ideas.


We encourage a collaborative work environment to allow for individual growth
and more robust energy solutions for you.

our core values


We put in the resources to train and support our team through hands-on learning opportunities, enabling them to grow as leaders in this industry.


We approach every solution with knowledge, expertise, and ethics while considering and appreciating our team member’s individual strengths.

Our World-Class Services Are Unbeatable

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Our team of local, expert electricians and consultants are determined to provide tailor-made energy services of exceptional quality. We are proud to supply and install the latest technology in solar, battery storage and off-grid solar power solutions.

We Are Committed to

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Our Core Values

Feedback from our clients provides us with the necessary drive to grow as experts in Australia’s clean energy industry. In the unlikely circumstance that things do not go according to plan, we implement rigorous quality management services to rectify the situation and maximize client satisfaction.

Our team of experts are dedicated to providing you with personalized solutions that exceed industry standards for energy solutions for your home or office and offer reliable solutions and great savings for many years to come.

Suntek Energy Advantages

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Suntek Energy’s
consultative approach

Concierge Service
from call to installation

Clean Energy Council
Approved Installers

Financial detailed

High quality

Suntek Energy’s 10 years
workmanship Warranty

Unsurpassed services
experience at Suntek Energy

High quality
Customer Services


Quality Policy

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Our holistic approach brings down energy costs for you through:

  • Onsite generation through Solar PV
  • Energy efficiency and reduced consumption
  • Monitoring and visualisation
  • Load shifting
  • Reduced energy tariffs

Our Sustainability Policy

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As a company that is dedicated to sustainable energy, we support our ethos by:

  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation, requirements, and regulations
  • Monitoring and visualisation
  • Load shifting
  • Ensuring responsible environmental and social practices in our supply chain
Our Sustainability Policy

Our Partners

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Partners who strengthen our team and solar.

Would you like to discuss your project with our specialists?

We can answer all your questions about our solar company services and pricing. Call us today on 1800 270 962 or fill out our contact form. A friendly member of the Suntek team will respond with answers and an obligation-free quote.

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