What Solar Power System Size Do I Need?

The solar power system size is important to determine when seeking this solution for your home. Here’s what you must know about the subject.

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The solar power system size is important to determine when seeking this solution for your home. Well, there are some factors that you must consider regarding the size of solar solutions. In addition to that, you should also operate on the myth that you require only enough panels to cover your daytime usage. Many factors will affect how much power you consume on a given day, so it can vary significantly from one day to the other. Therefore, to make a decision that will benefit you in the long term, you need to understand what constitutes the size of the solar power system, and this short post will help with that.

The Most Common Solar Power System Size

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The most common size for solar power systems in Australia is the 6.6kW system. Even though this is about $2000 more expensive than the 3kW system, it’s a better option because it provides a lot more value for money. With only 38% more cost, you will be able to generate 120% more power.

Why You Need a 6.6kW Solar Power System

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A 6.6kW solar power system will provide you with an additional 3.3kW of power, which is equal to about 5000kW per year. If the feed-in tariff is taken at 14 cents, then you will see a return of $700 a year and over $2000 in 3 years.

Why Larger Solar Power Systems is the New Normal

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The 6.6kW solar power system size has soon become ideal because it provides adequate power while only being a little more expensive than the 3kW counterpart. However, an increase in the size of solar power systems has become the new normal. There are some reasons why some homeowners prefer to go with larger sizes. These include the following.
  • Homeowners are future-proofing the power systems for electric vehicles and batteries.
  • Retailers are allowing homes to increase the size of the solar power systems.
  • It does not cost a lot to install extra solar panels.

Your Phases Determine the Limit to the Size of the Solar Power System

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In the state of Queensland, Australia, the max size limit you can get for your solar power system is as follows.
Max Panels (kW)
Max Inverter (kW)
Export Limit (kW)
1 phase
2 phases
3 phases
The export limit must be considered when designing the system to create appropriate load shifting. In addition to that, the Clean Energy Council determines the max panels. That said, it can be oversized by an additional 33%.
There is no one solution that works in all cases when it comes to solar power system size. That is why every system installation should be made specifically to your home’s design and power consumption. That said, 6.6kW can provide the best value in most cases.
For information on solar power solutions in Australia, contact Suntek Energy !


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