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Unlock Your $0 Energy Bill with a Duracell Energy Bank 2

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Installing solar is a pretty obvious choice, in fact it’s such a good option that 2.3 million Australian families already power their homes with solar. But what most homeowners don’t realise is that they’re massively underutilising the potential of their solar system. That’s where batteries come in – by adding a battery storage system, most people can increase their solar usage up to 68.6% (and in some cases even higher). There’s just one problem with batteries, they’re normally a little bit too expensive and don’t always make financial sense. But, things are changing!
We have partnered with Social Energy, a smart energy retailer designed to make batteries make better financial sense so that we can help drive a green transition that pays off for families across Australia. When you connect a solar and battery system to Social Energy’s smart network, you can reduce your bills by up to 100%.
  • Unlock your $0 energy bill and stop paying the electricity companies
  • Start saving with no upfront costs
  • Backed by a name you know and trust, Duracell
  • Secure your $0.40 feed-in tariff with Social Energy*
*We pay you $0.40 for the first 300kWh of solar energy you export each quarter when you join our solar and battery plan. After which a standard competitive rate is paid, which varies by region.

Duracell Energy Bank 2

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After powering your favourite household gadgets for decades, Duracell can now help you to power your whole home. With the Duracell Energy Bank 2, you can store and use more of your solar energy, even when the sun isn’t shining. That means bigger savings for you and a better future for our planet — now that makes sense!
  • Unlock your $0 energy bill and stop paying the electricity companies
  • Start saving with no upfront costs
  • Backed by a name you know and trust, Duracell
  • Secure your $0.40 feed-in tariff with Social Energy*

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Are you sick and tired of seeing your rising Energy bills? Let sun pay for your energy bill.

  • Take control of your energy bills by installing a high-efficiency solar system at no upfront cost.
  • At Suntek energy our customized solutions are designed to match your everyday energy needs and lifestyle. Energize your home just like the 1.5 million Australian households, who now use their savings on their electricity bill to pay for their solar system.
  • You are paying for it anyways, so why not pay for solar and have something to show for it. You know it makes sense isn’t it? And make your self cash flow positive.
  • Contact us today so you can start enjoying the benefits of owning a solar system for $0 upfront with Suntek Energy.






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Dhyani did a great job followed up during and after the process and the installers did a great job as well.


We recently had a solar system installed and can't fault the process. Dhyani was friendly, knowledgeable and not pushy. Her follow up has been fantastic and we are very happy we went through Suntek. The system is yet to be switched on but I feel confident that if we had any issues Dhyani and Suntek would assist. Overall a great experience!


Suntek Energy is highly organised and very professional. I was referred by a friend who owns a business and recently had solar panels installed. He highly recommended Suntek Energy.


We have been most impressed with the excellent, professional and responsive service provided via Dhyani at Suntek Energy, who was being recommended to us by Solar Quotes.


Suntek energy was great. Everything they promised was completed on time and had no issues. Dealt with Dhyani and she has been incredibly helpful before and after installation. We couldn't be happier.

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