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A solar system is first and foremost an investment.

It involves outlaying a sum of money which will then start to pay for itself over a number of years. Whilst the payback periods available with solar power can be short (as short as 3 years), any investment doesn’t truly make financial sense until it is still producing returns well after the payback period. This is why quality matters when selecting the components that make up the system.

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Suntek are passionate about offering you the very best Solar solutions, and in order to maintain the highest of standards, we choose only the highest quality products to ensure that your Suntek Solar system meets our stringent standards in efficiency, safety and longevity. Suntek energy maintain high standards in selecting products.
Suntek Energy only supplies solar panels from tier 1 manufacturers with significant presence in AUS.
Suntek Energy only supplies solar panels that demonstrates superior performance at both world in AUS.
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Quality premium products

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Bradford are passionate about offering you the very best Solar solutions, and in order to maintain the highest of standards, we choose only the highest quality products to ensure that your Bradford Solar system meets our stringent standards in efficiency, safety and longevity

  • The importance of selecting a good quality inverter

The inverter is a piece of electronic equipment that in most cases is installed outside and is exposed to all weather conditions. It is really important that a high quality and robust inverter is used as electrical components fail particularly in the heat, and lower quality inverters do not have good electrical componentary therefore they will fail prematurely.

You wouldn't expect a cheap television to last in the hot sun, so why would a cheap inverter last in the hot sun?

A 2015 survey by Australian Consumers' Association, published in Choice Magazine, found that 25% of solar PV system owners have had issues since installation, and the inverter is the component most likely to have a problem.

If the solar panels are the skin that is collecting the sun, then the inverter is the brain of your solar panel system: it doesn't matter how healthy your skin is if your brain is not functioning properly. A reliable inverter is the key to a healthy solar panel system.

  • The importance of selecting a good quality inverter

It is quite simple. The inverter is made up of electrical components similar to what you may have in your television, computer, DVD player. These common household appliances are inside your home and therefore are not exposed to the heat and radiation from the sun. The inverter is outside and is exposed to the elements; therefore the electronic components must be robust. Higher quality inverters also have smarter programming and tend to have better monitoring options. Monitoring helps protect your investment and a clear monitoring system can help save losses in the future as it can help maintain performance.

  • The importance of selecting a good quality inverter

Cheaper inverters do not have robust components, meaning that they will generally fail before their warranty period is up. If the company you have selected is still around then you should be okay, but if they're not then you will more than likely not be able to claim the inverter under warranty. It is vital that you ask your solar provider if the warranty is with the installation company or with the original manufacturer: if it is with the manufacturer then you will have to deal with them, and this can be difficult as they may be in a different country.

The biggest mistake when buying solar

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The biggest single mistake you can make when buying a solar power system is assuming all solar panels are created equal (or even anywhere close to being equal!). There is a huge disparity in terms of quality available on the Australian market.
  • But the Panel is on the Clean Energy Council Approved List
Unfortunately, the requirements to have a solar panel added to the Clean Energy Council (CEC) Approved Solar Panel list are very easy to fulfill. In fact there are literally thousands of panels on the list and this isn’t in any way a guarantee of quality. In fact a manufacturer can have a single solar panel tested in their home country and the CEC will accept this as a legitimate test.
This is part of the reason Australia is the largest consumer of low quality solar panels in the world.
  • But my friend bought a cheap system panel and it seems to be going ok

Even low quality panels may perform well “out of the box” for a year or two. But given time in the harsh Australian conditions, inferior quality panels will start to degrade. This can take the form of :

Significant degradation in performance (this is amplified by the fact a solar only works as well as its weakest panel).

Discoloration (often not covered by manufacturer warranties)


“Snail Trails” caused by Micro-Cracks (also not covered by many manufacturer warranties)


Hot Spots


De-lamination (the peeling off of the back layer of the panel)


Burnt-out Connectors


Isolator Failures


Junction box Failures

  • But I have a warranty so that’s ok
A warranty is only as good as the company backing it. If you’re buying a cheaper inferior panel, chances are the manufacturer does not have a presence in Australia, let alone Perth. Remember the 25 year warranty on solar panels is provided by the manufacturer. If they don’t have an operation in Australia, you will have very little chance of getting any type of warranty resolution.


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Dhyani did a great job followed up during and after the process and the installers did a great job as well.


We recently had a solar system installed and can't fault the process. Dhyani was friendly, knowledgeable and not pushy. Her follow up has been fantastic and we are very happy we went through Suntek. The system is yet to be switched on but I feel confident that if we had any issues Dhyani and Suntek would assist. Overall a great experience!


Suntek Energy is highly organised and very professional. I was referred by a friend who owns a business and recently had solar panels installed. He highly recommended Suntek Energy.


We have been most impressed with the excellent, professional and responsive service provided via Dhyani at Suntek Energy, who was being recommended to us by Solar Quotes.


Suntek energy was great. Everything they promised was completed on time and had no issues. Dealt with Dhyani and she has been incredibly helpful before and after installation. We couldn't be happier.


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